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What To Do At The Beach?

Now that you have finally made the tough decision on which beautiful Boca Raton beach to visit, your next question is likely what should I do at the beach? While taking a nap in the warm sun, wading in the salty sea, or taking a walk down the beach are typical favorites; there are many different ways you can enjoy the beach! Here are a few recommendations for how you can enjoy your day at the beach:


Read a book. Lounging at the beach can be one of the most relaxing experiences in the world. Coupled with a great book, you can combine this wonderful relaxation with the adventure of your choosing. Nothing spells out a great day more than flipping through a great novel while the gentle ocean breeze blows in from the sea.


Beach Volleyball. Not the type to sit around and read at the beach? Enjoy a fun game of beach volleyball. Many beaches around Boca Raton have public beach volleyball courts with people constantly getting together for some impromptu pick up games. Beach volleyball is a great way to get into the competitive spirit while also working on your tan. It is also a great exercise alternative to running or spending an hour inside a gym!


Beach Frisbee. Want to move around but don’t feel like getting super sweaty in a game of beach volleyball? Throwing a frisbee is a great way to move around the beach without the competition or effort. Bring a friend or family member and enjoy the wonderful weather as you throw around the frisbee. Make it more challenging by throwing into the ocean for some awesome diving catches!